How Dbanj Kidnapped Me For 48 Hours – Seyitan, Rape Victim Reveals

In a statement released Tuesday, Ms Babatayo Seyitan has come up with another revelation about the allegation of rape against popular musician, Dbanj, alleging she was arrested and locked up in a police cell with criminals who violated laws.

Seyitan has issued a public statement about her alleged abuse and how D’banj and his people have been harassing her since her story came out.

She gave the timeline of events that have transpired since she came out publicly with her rape story in Seyitan public statement.

She reported that D’banj was using the police to threaten her and abduct her without cause for 48 hours.
Seyitan said in the press release that on 22 June she filed the criminal complaint at the Lagos Police Command Headquarters’ Gender Desk in Ikeja.

She said the complaint was filed after she tried unsuccessfully to lodge same at the Bar Beach Police Station in Victoria Island on 6 June

Seyitan Babalola said the attempt was thwarted by a police officer.

She spoke about her ordeal on 16 June, when she was arrested by four police officers and detained in a cell for 48 hours, like a criminal at Harold Sodipo Police Station in Ikeja.

Seyitan Babalola was charged with no offence, upon her release, after signing a gag order by the police and D’banj team.

Since then, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu has ordered an investigation into her case.

Similarly, the Lagos State Attorney-General also wrote the Commissioner of Police in Lagos to investigate the case.

Upon all that Seyitan Babalola said she has now gotten the services of a law firm in Abuja to handle her case. She also thanked those who rallied around her to support her during the period.

Read the letter below:

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